About Us (Me)

The hope of Ziff's Gifts is to become an online resource of responsibly sourced and hip home goods, personal wares, and maybe some educational items down the road. It began as a "buy what I like" stratagem so please bare with me as I tweak and dial in the nuance.  Looking for my niche people!  Currently leaning towards cozy ethically sourced home goods, but keeping an open mind!  Also, really leaning towards Made in USA only.  Everything now is sweatshop free to the best of my ability for the first time around (had some late in the game realizations on companies that celebrate being American made, but use imported materials.)  Currently working with a small group of fair trade purveyors and working directly with an artisan in Lithuania (yummy slippers coming soon).

Do you have any thoughts, opinions, or preferences on Made in USA only?  If so, please feel free to email me at info@ziffsgifts.com.  Really on the fence here.  Intend to settle into some blogging soon so more thoughts coming on the fair labor discussion.  In the meantime channeling my novice social media experience into Pinterest and really having fun with it.  Its a great starter medium for me while I warm up to communicating with the online world.  

A teeny tiny bit about me:  Made some major changes last year by leaving an established career in sales to carve a path out of my own.  Lots of growing pains.  Still more to come I'm sure, but am slowly starting to figure out what I want my message to be and what the point of all this is and slowly becoming less afraid to stand by it.  Work in progress!  

Thanks for stopping by Ziff's Gifts and hope you check back soon!