On being eco-chic!

Being eco-chic does not mean being "crunchy" anymore.  You know the stereotype I'm referring to... (images of armpit hair... no judgement!) Times have changed!  Eco-chic refers to being stylish and on point while maintaining an awareness of sustainability.  

An example of this is John Russo's American made, cruelty-free, phthalate, toulene, and formaldehyde free nail lacquers.  Perfect for the modern girl with ultra cool metallic and matte colors that are totally on trend.

Are you a hip mom? Did you know that phthalates can mimic hormones in the body? The more you can limit your exposure to these endocrine disrupting chemicals the better your health will be and this will ultimately translate to your child's health. Whether you are still breast feeding or just setting a good example it is time to take a good look at the chemicals in cosmetics that have become so common, but can be so detrimental.

Check out the 15 shades of John Russo nail lacquers offered at Ziff's Gifts (personally obsessed with Jackie O and Joe Gray at the moment!)


Stay cool without the hazards of mainstream brands!

Lots of love!


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